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    The Spirit Within provides medical hypnosis and life coaching to anyone seeking help in La Porte, IN. Improve your self confidence and tackle any obstacles standing in your way.
    Our hypnotherapy sessions can accomplish real good in your life, reducing unhealthy cravings and calming mental anguish. Our methods have been proven effective for overcoming migraines.
    Stress management is vital for a healthy life. Our attentive and friendly approach creates a relaxing and comfortable experience for you. From academic enhancement to dealing with pain, The Spirit Within is here for you.
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Hypnosis, often called Medicine of the Mind, supports direct communication to your subconscious mind where all your habits, negative talk and challenging behaviors are located. Offered by Judy Dean, RN and Medical Hypnotherapist at The Spirit Within, La Porte, IN, through Skype/ Internet, telephone sessions or on site in her office. Skype/Internet and Phone sessions are available throughout the United States as well as Canada.

Through Hypnosis all those less than positive comments which undermine your ability to reach your goals are reframed into positive action oriented thoughts and activities. YOU become a better YOU. Take the step. Use your natural ability to eliminate roadblocks to achieve profound changes in your life. Hypnosis supports you to:

  • Stop Stress and Anxiety
  • Stop Pain
  • Stop Migraines
  • Stop Yo-Yo dieting
  • Relax to the Max
  • Sleep Better
  • Focus and Concentrate
  • Enhance Self Concept and Confidence
Health and wellness counseling
Health and Wellness Counseling

Connect with Judy Dean RN, DSci, CHt as she partners with you to develop an individualized Holistic, thought provoking and creative process to inspire you to maximize your potential. Dr. Judy does not solve your challenges but does help you identify specific achievable goals supported by your skills and resources; holds you accountable for your progress and guides you to reframe the issues you are facing.

As your personal coach, Judy provides the motivation for you to focus on improving areas of your well-being - areas such as creative strategies to stop Yo-Yo dieting, manage chronic illness, stop stress and anxiety, relax to the max or accept new behaviors for the healthier YOU.

You will be surprised as to how little time is needed for you to make those desired changes. Don't suffer with ineffective pain management strategies. Our health and wellness counseling goes well above and beyond. Sometimes, you need more holistic guidance than a typical doctor is willing to provide, and we are here to offer such guidance.

Energy Healing

The knowledge that an unseen energy flows through all living things has been a part of many cultures dating back to ancient times. This type of healing is often referred to as universal Life Force, KI, Chi, Qi, the Chinese term used in Acupuncture or Qi Gong, Prana in used in Sanskrit, Yogo and Hindu or the White Light as found in Christian teachings.

The Spirit Within offers two kinds of Energy Healing - Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, which is oriented to balancing the seven (7) energy centers or Chakras in the body and JIN SHI DO which serve to address blockages within the Meridian Energy System in the body.

The intent of both methods is to allow you to experience relaxation, balance, a renewed spirit, harmony and a free flow of increased energy throughout your mind, body and spirit. Such holistic methods can aid a great deal in relieving migraines.

Energy Healing has a positive impact on:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Spiritual, Emotional and Pain Challenges
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Pain Management
  • Improved Healing of Energies

As a Reiki Master for over 15 years, Dr Judy Dean brings to you a natural approach to address your health issues and ailments. Through Reiki, the major goal of balance is achieved when all seven (7) Chakras are aligned and balanced in harmony to help you achieve positive thoughts or actions resulting from the Free Flow of energy throughout your body.

Reiki supports other medical, Holistic and Complementary approaches to health care. Clients often are unable to describe the actual physical sensations after the session, but most often comment of a wave of relaxation, contentment, peace, tingling in the arms or legs, seeing various colors, remembering long forgotten events or feeling heat in various parts of their body. This can be effective for helping clients to stop smoking as well in aiding in weight loss.

During this fully clothed 60 minute session, you may experience:

  • Improved Focus, Creativity and Concentration
  • Release of Stored Emotions or stressful situations
  • A dramatic decrease in Fatigue
  • Quicker Healing from injuries, trauma or post-operative incisional pain
Jin Shin Do

This Energy Healing approach is a modern synthesis of Traditional Acupressure, Acupuncture Theory, Breathing Exercises, Taoist Philosophy, and modern Psychology. JIN SHIN DO's intent is oriented to the imbalances of energy and muscular relaxation -- not on symptoms exhibited by clients. Dr. Dean, of course, listens to your symptoms; assesses the restrictions within your tissues and incorporates the technique of JIN SHIN DO, arriving at the balance within the Meridians and subsequently, the relief of your symptoms.

This 60 minute (1 hour) fully clothed session uses gentle to increased acupressure applied to the energy meridians present in your face, neck, and shoulders. The method is often called the non-Surgical Face Lift due to the intense relaxation achieved. Often, when working on these meridians, clients frequently report a sense of deep relaxation, tingling sensations in their lower limbs, muscular relaxation and the intense desire to fall asleep…..even though the treatment is oriented only to the face, neck, and shoulders. You may ask…can it get any better than that?

Call (219) 326-1380 for a FREE Consultation to discuss how JIN SHIN DO can impact your life.

  • About Judy

    The idea of offering a variety of Complementary Health modalities occurred in the late '90's when after 35 years in a variety of roles within the Nursing Profession - Clinical, Administrative, Education, Military, Continuing Education and Consulting, Judy Dean decided to integrate all the knowledge and expertise garnered over those years into a private practice of Holistic health care. Thus, The Spirit Within was born in 1998 in NW Indiana.

    Initially, The Spirit Within offered a variety of Therapeutic Massage services and Energy Healing of Reiki based on Judy's educational preparation from the Milwaukee School of Massage in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Based on that strong infrastructure, her extensive knowledge in Nursing and the Health Care system plus the ongoing continuing education courses and seminars in manual therapies, sprang the offering of very specific techniques oriented to a specific patient and/or client populations. Since 1998 through today ( 2013) Dr. Judy has not only grown in knowledge& expertise of Integrative Health Care but also assumed the role of President, Board Chair or Director in National Nursing and Massage Therapy Organizations.

    In 2003, Judy returned to School in Chicago to pursue Hypnosis and continues to offer Medical Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing to clients. Recently in 2013, she closed the Massage Therapy component of her practice to focus more on the needs and challenges of individuals who desire to improve their lives - regardless of the issue or challenge through the use of Hypnosis or Energy Healing.

    Judy is a graduate of a Diploma School of Nursing in Central Illinois, has a Bachelor's in Nursing, Master's in Education and a Doctorate in Science, a Diploma in Massage Therapy as well as Certification in Medical Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, Pain Control and being a Reiki Master for over 15 years. In addition, she has accrued hundreds of hours of Continuing Education in every aspect of all the methods she implements with her clients.

    Currently, Judy resides in NW Indiana with her husband, adult children in close proximity and her very young grandson. She continues to share her knowledge of various organizational skills as a Board member and volunteer with an NW Indiana no-kill Cat Shelter. Professionally, she continues to provide clients with Hypnosis & Life Coaching both in her office as well as via Skype/Internet and Energy Healing at her office location only She is working with a fellow Hypnotherapist in California in editing a consumer-based Self Hypnosis text and for fun designs, produces and markets wearable art in the form of small cocktail/fascinator hats which can be seen on ETSY at herJudeLamb site.

    Welcome to the Spirit Within

    ...where our services support Your goals of improved health and wellness but always tempered with a good dose of light-hearted humor.

  • Behind The Name

    I have often been asked how I chose the name of my company, The Spirit Within. Having been educated in the art and science of Nursing, I was taught to care for the entire patient. Great concept but often times it was mainly caring for the physical needs of patients. Being exposed to Complementary health through the profession of Massage, I realized that as an RN offering Complementary methods of care to clients would address the client’s entire persona….thus the name of the Business. Each individual receiving any health-oriented approach needs to be nurtured in all aspects of their humanness - be it the Body, the Mind or the Soul/Spirit. The Spirit Within continually demonstrates that commitment through its holistic approach to each client…..the Mind, Body, and Spirit are so greatly interwoven, one wonders how only one aspect can be addressed and the other two ignored.

    At the Spirit Within, Judy Dean, a Registered Nurse, and Consulting Hypnotist, offers you support, guidance and motivation through a client-centered use of Medical Hypnotherapy, Personal Health, and Wellness Coaching and Reiki Energy Healing. As you travel on your journey to improved health and wellness, the use of these complementary, natural health approaches empowers you to become more aware of the gap between where you are today and where you desire to be in the future. Call (219) 326-1380 for a Free 15-minute consultation.

  • The Process of Being Hypnotized

    Although Hypnosis, often called the Medicine of the Mind, was accepted by the American Medical Association ( AMA) in the mid-’50s, the American consumer is seldom offered this non-invasive approach unless the health care provider is familiar or open to its use.

    Currently, more individuals are taking more responsibility for their own health care and are connecting with Hypnotists to help them with their issues and challenges Hypnotherapy is a tool which will produce immediate results for an individual -whether it be a habit which interrupts daily life; a negative response(s) to adjusting their lifestyle to improve health and wellbeing; or being able to handle dental or medical procedures without intense fear.

    Hypnosis, a state of complete relaxation, allows your active mind to just slow down allowing the Hypnotherapist access to your subconscious mind where all positive and negative comments you receive are stored.

    Did you know that the subconscious mind is awake 24/7, has the personality of a 4-year-old and never, never, never makes a judgment call on what it hears? Every comment stored in your subconscious is believed to be a TRUE Statement. Thus, the messages you receive is what you become. Your creative, intuitive, irrational and emotional subconscious ….is like having your own personal computer that stores data which can be retrieved when necessary. And, like a computer, your subconscious mind can be re-programmed. It‘s illogical side can make you into anything you want to be…..slender, smoke-free, successful in your endeavors.

    On the other hand, the majority of negative behavior patterns are often the result of the negative talk that one often hears in their mind…. such as ‘I’ll always be fat; a failure; a smoker’. With Hypnosis, this negative talk is re-programmed or reframed to positive statements.

    The beauty of Hypnosis is that a person’s body doesn’t know the difference between an imaginary suggestion or actual situation occurring as the physiological response to a suggestion is the same.

    So, how does The Spirit Within conduct Hypnotic Sessions? A Free 15 min consultation via phone or e-mail determines if the Spirit Within is the right fit. Once the reserved appointment time is kept, you and Dr. Dean will spend time talking about your issues or challenges. The initial visit may last as long as two hours depending on the depth of service you require.

    Some level of teaching is included within each visit along with the Hypnosis Session. In addition, various exercises may be included to determine how open you are to suggestions.

    Once comfortably seated in a recliner, the use of an imaginary journey and music designed to enhance your relaxation is initiated. This continues with more suggestions to allow you to go deeper into relaxation and once totally relaxed, the issues and challenges you discussed are again brought forth along with your intended goals to overcome those issues. These challenges along with your agreed-upon activities to address your issues plus Dr. Judy’s specific suggestions for change are addressed. Finally, you will be slowly guided to return to full consciousness, given time to re-orient yourself, have a drink of water and then discuss your reaction or responses to the Session.

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